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Member community of the CATHOLIC FRATERNITY of communities, under the pontifical commission for the laity, Vatican.



It is diversity that adds to beauty and joy. Our community is a garden where people from different walks of life, cultures, languages, states and ages live together in communion. Becoming a community of love and bringing out the beauty of brothers and sisters living together in harmony is itself a mission.

We take constant effort to create a sense of belonging, to build mutual trust and cooperation, warm caring of each other, shared decision-making, happiness in work, apostolic effectiveness and joy in living. It is a sweet and joyful pain, a struggle worth going through. We desire that God’s love fills and overflows each heart spreading to every member of the community. Our ministries and activities should and must flow from our being. Life of communion is necessary because it has a strong missionary dimension. “The life of communion in fact “becomes a sign for all the world and a compelling force that leads people to faith in Christ ... In this way communion leads to mission, and itself becomes mission”; indeed, “Communion begets communion: in essence it is communion that is missionary”. Vita Consecrata 46.)

Our community is a joint family. If anybody goes on mission he/she is supported through an intercession backing. So the outreach becomes the effort of the community and not just the individuals. The out flowing of our living and loving together is the mission.

The challenge of community living is that there are misunderstandings and differences of opinions. On such occasions instead of maintaining the superficiality in relationships and becoming a pseudo community we go through the great pain of sitting, discussing, praying and understanding until things are sorted out. Setting ‘love’ as the goal we strive together on the ‘Path of Love’ (PremMarga) the spirituality of Santvana Community.

“This is so beautiful” the Pope exclaimed.”Jesus does not want to work alone, he has come to bring God’s love in to the world and wants to spread it in communion, in fraternity.” Pope Francis

Shiney Alexy
Welcome To Santvana Family