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The mission of love is more urgent now than ever, as the whole atmosphere is flooded with ideas of love as mere romance, freedom to choose and amusements. A few years ago I read in the newspapers about a special type of cotton seed that was imported to India from America, Which was called Bt Cotton seed also known as TERMINATOR. It  would produce a bumper crop many times more than the usual seed. But the seeds from the new crop would not germinate and produce a new plant. It was reported that the pollen from the terminator field could also affect the normal crops in the neighborhood, destroying its germinative capacity, so that even those seeds do not germinate. A true love must be both life-giving and life-nurturing. Giving life and nurturing life would be impossible without the spirit of sacrifice and lasting commitment. The type of love proposed and propagated by the media today is truly of terminator type. It is neither life-giving nor life- nurturing instead it is immediate pleasures that are focused at. Present phenomenon of increase in the breaking up of marriages is the consequence of the same. Such a trend has a destructive effect on the continuity of the human race since the institution of marriage itself is at stake. I wish to quote from an article by Fiona Scott published in the Hindu, one of the leading English newspapers of India, on March 13, 2006." The rate of divorce is on the increase in India, perhaps the worst affected are children. Pain, anger, confusion, hate, bitterness and self-doubt are the kind of thoughts that go through the young mind of a child whose parents divorce. No matter how miserable the marriage must have been, divorce comes as a shock to the child. They feel afraid of the future, are gripped with anxiety and are hurt by the rejection that they feel when one of the parents moves out. This remains with them throughout their lives." A loving family is an essential condition for the healthy growth of a child. There can be no family without lasting commitment. It is further deteriorated in to so called marriages between persons of the same sex or bed partnership. Pope John Paul II rightly and rightly named this sort of modernism the "Death Culture". What this culture has kept in store for the future generations, is a homeless and hopeless life condition.

A Response to the problem

Our response in Santvana Community, to the problem is commitment to be a community, to walk in the path of love in view of building up a culture of love. In the present scenario, enlightening people about the necessity, joy and beauty of true love is an urgent mission. True love could only be really understood by knowing God, who is fullness of love. Alienation from God resulting in alienation from one another and the nature is at the root of the problem. People need to be helped to return to true love and return to God and to the nature. The Holy Bible reveals that "God is love" and "he who does not love does not know God" (1Jn.4:8). The knowledge of God is inseparably linked to true love. The documents of the church also have stated "perfection in love" as the basic call of Christian life. All the same the goal of "perfection in love" in reality will remain a mere wishful thinking. John Powell explains, "unconditional love should be interpreted as an ideal, a goal towards which true love aspires, but which is realistically not within human reach or attainment. We are all to some extent injured, limited by the throb of our needs and pains. "Yet the word of God, gives us hope, "Blessed be the God and Father...God of all consolation who consoles us in all our afflictions so that we may be able to console those who are in any affliction with the consolation with which we ourselves are consoled by God."(2 Cor. 1:3-4). Drawing strength, grace and healing from God, we can learn to walk in love. Perfection in love does not happen  automatically. As  it is said love works if we work at it. The sacred scripture exhorts the believers to have love as their goal of life and to 'strive 'and 'pursue love '(1 Cor.14:1).
Welcome To Santvana Family