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Bro. Amit Paul Kerketta

My name is Amit Paul Kerketta, I am from Assam. For the past 6 years I am in Santvana Community. I consecrated my life, with vows for full time service as a Lay Missionary on the 25th of September 2011.

I come from a very broken family. I am the eldest of three boys. When I was between 4 and 7 years old my mother left home. Even today I donít know anything about her whereabouts? My dad was a harsh person often abusing and beating me. I was constantly labeled by him as bad and good for nothing. So parentís tenderness was unknown to me.

One day while doing my tenth I was preparing to go out with my friends. I had already failed twice in the Board exams of class ten. My dad asked me to stay back and study, to which I replied that I didnít want to study. This resulted in him throwing me out of the house asking me to get out of home and die anywhere. That was on Aug 14th 2003. I left not knowing where to go. Today I realize that Godís hand was protecting me. I wandered to Shillong and got a job in Umran RRTC on 17th Aug 2003. From Aug 17th 2003 to January 2006 while working, I got into bad habits. I was a very rude and intolerant person. I was aggressive towards others and worried about my life.

In January 2006, for the first time, I attended a retreat in my Diocese. It was conducted by Santvana Community. During the Retreat I began to experience for the first time that God loves me personally and unconditionally. The word of God being preached began piercing my heart ďyou are precious in my sight, and honored, and I love you.Ē Isa 43:4. Initially I couldnít understand why God would love me when everyone else had rejected me. Slowly the Word started penetrating my life. I heard Jer 31:3where the Lord says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love. The most powerful word that hit me was Isaiah 49:15, ďCan a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you.Ē

When my mother had left me, God was there to love me and care for me but I was not able to experience it. During the retreat when God started speaking to me through His Word personally, I began to understand Godís love for me. He has a plan for me - to work for Him and build His kingdom and preach the good news to all nations. When I returned to my work place, I continued in prayer, asking the Lord for mercy for my many sins, reading the Holy Bible and praying rosaries daily for almost 4 months.

I felt a desire to commit myself fully for the mission. I approached the director of the community and am now His servant doing His Mission in Santvana.

After almost one year in Santvana Community my dad called me and asked me to visit them on Christmas. I went home to see many changes in my family. My dad had completely changed and the whole family environment was different. Now I experience their love and care for me. They want me. I have good relationship with my father and with the whole family. This is all because of Godís love and mercy on me and on my family.

Welcome To Santvana Family