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Sr. Celine K. K.

My name is Celine Kannanaikkal. I am a native of Mundathikode, Trichur, Kerala, India. My mother died when I was about one year old they say. My father remarried very soon. Due to the coupled effects of financial problems, ignorance of my parents and my fathers drinking habits I was not able to complete even my primary education. I passed out of the fourth class and dropped out after the quarterly in the fifth. I started working as a daily laborer at construction sites when I was about 16. I did not get married because by the time I reached a marriageable age my father had expired and my mother was not interested in taking the trouble. So I continued with life doing odd jobs. In 1992 when I was 42 years old while participating in a charismatic retreat I came to experience the love of Jesus my Lord. The word of God inspired me to dedicate my life to serve God and his people. I joined Santvana Community in 2003. In Santvana Community I came to have a new found family. I am able to contribute in the intercession ministry and have the joy of participating in village ministry. The family spirit which I experience here in Santvana Community gives me lots of happiness.

(Here is a report of a healing which Celine had experienced following an accident)

Miraculous Healing Experience

An accident followed by a beautiful experience of the Lord’s healing presence. The Santvana Community of Disciples had its annual gathering in March 2009. On the third day of the meeting Ms Celine (age 60) had slipped and fell in the kitchen and apparently suffered a sprain on the ankle of her left foot. She was given some medications and was asked to take rest. On the following day she developed acute pain on her back which made it difficult for her to breath and therefore she was rushed to the Hospital. Doctor had her ex-ray taken and found that one of her rib had a hairline fracture. Doctor prescribed medications and gave her a belt to wear and she was asked to be confined to bed for seven weeks.

Two days later as the community was having praise and worship in the chapel and Celine was sleeping in her room she had a dream of Jesus coming to her and asked her to get up. She jumped up from her bed took off her belt and rushed to the chapel and announced that she was well. We all were confused about her strange behavior and asked her to go back to her bed until she got an appointment with the Doctor. Next day Doctor checked her up and wrote in her record, a dramatic healing. Then we explained to the Doctor how the healing came about. It was an opportunity to speak about Jesus to that non Christian doctor. The Doctor was deeply impressed by that event. The community thanked the Lord for that sign of His loving presence. We felt that the Lord was telling us through that event, “I am with you! Go ahead courageously with your mission of evangelization.” Celine is back to her active life and ministry with great joy.

Welcome To Santvana Family