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Member community of the CATHOLIC FRATERNITY of communities, under the pontifical commission for the laity, Vatican.



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Sr. Reena Kujur

Motto: To be with Him to pray for the World

My name is Reena Kujur. I am from Jharkhand. When I was 2 and half yrs. old, I was affected by polio. My parents ran from pillar to post to see me healed but with no results. As I grew up my mother’s prayer helped me to grow in faith in Jesus. Before I could complete my tenth my mother died. My father’s bad company and drinking habit earned a very bad reputation for the family. There was nobody to take care of us four sisters. I was completing my matriculation studies. It was the most difficult period of my life.

I was an average student in my studies. Already having an inclination to spirituality, I promised the Lord that if I pass out with a 1st class I would consecrate my life to Him as a nun. By the grace God, I got a 1st class in the exams. Yet the question was which congregation would accept me since I am handicapped. So I had to continue my studies. During my graduate studies in 2005, I happened to attend a retreat conducted by “Santvana Community”. After the retreat, when the Director of the Community Rev. Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS introduced the Community, I felt that this is what I was looking for. I was so much taken up by the charism of ‘prayer and proclamation’ of the community and also by the very name Santvana. The word “Santvana” means consolation. After one year through prayer and discernment I joined the community in 2006.

On joining the community, I began experiencing the word of God John 15:16 in my life, ‘You did not choose me but I chose you.’ I feel the Lord is leading, guiding, helping, consoling and encouraging me. I feel inner joy and a family atmosphere in the community. There are also times of loneliness and discouragement. Sometimes I feel that I am not growing as God wants but at these moments I experience God teaching me and pruning me. Usually in such moments I sit alone in front of the ‘Blessed Sacrament ‘and take help from Word of God especially the Psalms. Sharing with the Director and sometimes with community members has also helped me grow. I experience God’s personal and unconditional love for me. Before joining the community I felt that God is calling me for intercession. Now after my final vows, I have been given the intercession ministry. Praise the Lord.

Welcome To Santvana Family